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Social Zines, is a creative exploration focusing on exploring the culture of immersive ideas. Our aim is to grow and exhibit a dedicated curatorial social niche network of magazines. Investigating the ever connected relationship between art, design, technology and post modern culture. We kindly ask that you JOIN our ranks in becoming cultural backers and patrons of our DIY network. With your help we might be able to raise capital using a crowd funding model.

Our network is small, niche and attempts to create new boundaries within the digital media contexts. In an epoch of transparency, surveillance politics and cultural misappropriation, our values are simple.

That is to merge line, color, tone, art, composition and culture critique into a metaphorical particle accelerator. The end result is a DIY social collaboration grassroots movement, dedicated to the advancement of critical thinking. Culled from a cultural humanist point of inquiry, while fostering open minded  perspectives.

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